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“Vibrant, appealing illustrations on silky smooth pages are matched by tempting tongue twisters.  Whether ready for letter recognition or beginning reading, children of all ages will be motivated by the challenge of learning “big” words.
-Sharon Miles, teacher, grade 2

“What an exciting teaching tool! The book is full of repeated activities that work well with various age groups and reading levels. I can’t wait to use this book both in my classroom and with my own grandchildren.”
-Michele Cretella, teacher, grades K-4

“With its playful illustrations and straightforward narrative, My ABCs encourages parents to teach their children the joys of reading.”
-Matthew E. Norris, educator, grades K-12

“Thank you so much for offering a kids book that is NOT $20.00! Not only does my son love to read the book (over and over at bed time of course) he is even more thrilled with the audio version that came with it. I thought it would be a 5 minute audio version (like most) but was pleased to learn it was over 30 minutes long, packed with ABC lessons and 2 great songs! … Thanks again for giving the public quality AND quantity at such a great price.”
-M. Gonzalez, a mom

“Even though this book is geared toward children, I just received this book for my
adult literacy program and I love it! This book teaches everything from learning the simple alphabet, to discovering more complex words when the reader is ready to learn them! It’s a rare find and very interesting!
The audio version of this book is interactive and lots of fun! It is definitely for young children who will love to sing along to the songs about using their imagination, BIG WORDS, and try to guess the different cool sound effects that go along with each letter of the alphabet. I will have to introduce this playful audio version to my Pre-K teacher friends.”
-Miss Jen, adult literacy instructor

“This is a bright, colorful, exciting book where the characters appear on or around letters of the alphabet. This book will grow with your child. Younger children enjoy the illustrations and letter identification. Older children are able to recognize lists of words begining with the given letter and are introduced to the sound of letters. My two year old loves this book! We will be reading it for years to come.
-K. Allen

“Easy and simple to read with catchy phrases. Artwork is adorable, fun, bright… so pleasing to look at over and over again. Kids will love this!”
-L. Martinez

“My ABCs is the perfect book for young children from which to learn their ABCs. I bought them for my nephews. The illustrations are so adorable and fun. The kids love to talk about the other children, colors and animals they see on each page.
-J. Caccopola

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